(708) 848-1611

You may need to leave me a voice mail if I am not able to answer.  All voice mails are secure and confidential; no one besides me can access them.

Please note my call-back voice mail policy.  I will only leave you a detailed or substantive message if I hear your name or your voice in your voice mail greeting.  If, on the other hand, your voice mail has an automated greeting that only repeats your phone number, then I cannot be certain that it is you that I have reached, and I will record only my name and phone number.


(708) 848-1436

Faxes sent to this number are likewise secure.

Office Location

1140 Lake Street, Suite 508
Oak Park, Illinois 60301-1053, U. S. A.


You may use the form below to send me an email.

Note, however, that email does not have the same technical or legal safeguards as postal mail, telephone conversations, or even facsimile. So you are advised to consider the risk to your privacy before you send sensitive content in an email. It is generally accepted that email should be limited to general topics, arranging an appointment, etc. If it is necessary to send private material by email, the content can be sent in a password protected email attachment.